• Configure OSD with 802.1x authentication

    Many organisations are making the move from unprotected networks to secure ones using technology such as 802.1x.  Unfortunately, SCCM does not currently natively support 802.1x authentication for either PXE boot or boot from USB so the following post additional configuration that was completed in order to successfully deploy a machine on situated on the protected… Continue Reading

  • Office Attack Simulator – Part 2

    This post is part two in a series looking at Microsofts Office 365 Attack Simulator. Part one looks at the ability Office 365 administrators have to be able to run three types of attacks on their users. These attacks are: Spear-phishing Brute Force Password Spraying For part one, click here. Part two will focus on… Continue Reading

  • Office 365 Attack Simulator

    Brief Outline This is the first of a two-part post on the new Office 365 Attack Simulator. This post covers accessing the Simulator and running attacks. The second post is available here. To jump to a section to continue, click on one of the links below: Overview Requirements Simulating Attacks Display Name Spear-Phising Attacks Brute… Continue Reading

  • Office 365 Secure Score

    Here at Complete Cloud Solutions we’ve long been fans of the Office 365 Security and Compliance settings. They offer a great overview of options to investigate and protect assets your company has in the cloud. Todays blog is to cover an often overlooked aspect of the Security and Compliance page, namely the Office 365 Secure… Continue Reading

  • Windows Spectre and Meltdown updates

    This blog post gives a brief insight into the problems releasing fixes for the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities and discusses a new approach which has recently been implemented. If you would prefer to jump straight to that part, click here. As most people will already be aware, both Intel and AMD have had a rough… Continue Reading

  • Password Recycling and the Pwned Password API

    As peoples online lives increase, so does the recycling of their passwords. This refers to the act of using the same password over and over again, or common, easy to remember words in an attempt to make their lives easier It has been a problem for many years yet one that has never really been… Continue Reading

  • Crowdstrike’s 2018 Global Threat Report

    Earlier this week (Feb 2018) CrowdSrike released their annual report into the state of the global threat environment.  For those of you that don’t recognise the name, CrowdStrike is an American cyber-security technology company based in Sunnyvale, California. The company provides endpoint security, threat intelligence, and incident response services to customers around the world and has been… Continue Reading

  • The facts about Petya and NotPetya

    On June 27, 2017, a ransomware variant titled Petya/NotPetya was reported to be spreading across Europe. Since then, it has spread to at least 65 countries. This new variant exercises unique methods of both infection and propagation. Read on to learn more about this malware and how to protect your data. Trusted software updates were… Continue Reading

  • EternalRocks Malware (Next Generation WannaCrypt)

    Following on from the WannaCrypt outbreak that used two of the vulnerabilities that were released by the Shadow Brokers on the 14th of April, 2017. Security researchers have now found a worm which is using seven of the exploits. The worm was discovered when it hit the honey pot of a security researcher named Miroslav Stampar. Although, as… Continue Reading

  • WannaCrypt Ransomware

    As most people are by now probably aware this weekend saw the release of a new ransom-ware attack that was first seen attacking the NHS in the United Kingdom. This attack was initially accidentally stalled by the registration of a domain name (https://www.malwaretech.com/2017/05/how-to-accidentally-stop-a-global-cyber-attacks.html) however it now appears that the original code has been modified to… Continue Reading